Dessin animé et illustration / Animator and illustrator.

Une pincée de Photoshop 6 : guerrière celte.

Publié le 12 Mai 2011 par Alexandre Rateau in travaux personnels


Je suis toujours dans le cadre de l'apprentissage de Photoshop.

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snoring aids 20/02/2014 10:10

This digital art really looks like a work of an expert artist. The Celtic warrior with some anime looks is looking very great. Really appreciate your work. Keep on posting more and more work on your in photoshop. Thank you for the share.

Alexandre Rateau 20/02/2014 11:12

Thank you for giving me motivation

george clooney 20/02/2014 07:26

good work ...the warrior celtic

Alexandre Rateau 20/02/2014 12:16

Thank you