Dessin animé et illustration / Animator and illustrator.

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Since 2017 november at Normaal Studio (Angoulême)

-Lead layoutman for the TV serie "Ella, Oscar & Hoo". Software : Blender.

Since 2016 august at Normaal Studio (Angoulême)

-animator & animator assistant chief for the TV serie "Ella, Oscar & Hoo". Software : Blender.


2016 march to 2016 august at Blue Spirit Studio (Angoulême)

-animator for the TV serie "Tchoupi" (season 5). Software : 3Dsmax.


2015 october to 2015 november

-training session on 3D softwares Maya & 3Ds max at the EMCA school.


2010 may to 2015 october at Normaal Studio (Angoulême & Paris)

-lead animator for the TV serie "Shazzam Super 2000" and the TV serie "Allô, c’est Ninou". Software : after effects.

-preparing the animation & set-up for the TV serie "Peanut's". Software : after effects.

-animator for the TV series : "Peanut's", "Copy-cut", "Grand Chef 2012", "Art Investigations", "Toofa Toofa", "Mandarine & Cow" (season2). Software : after effects.


2008 april to 2009 october at Caribara studio (Annecy)

-animator for the TV serie "Sally Bollywood" Software : after effects.

-animator for the TV serie "Willa's Wild Life" (Caribara studio). Software : toon boom.


2007 june to 2007 july at Ankama Studio (Lille)

-internship animator & landscape drawing. Software : flash.





Degrees : diplôme Diplôme des Métiers d'Arts (DMA), DUT Techniques de commercialisation.

-bookseller from 2002 till 2006.

-computer graphics designer (estate agency A.Rateau, Kom Productions...).

-illustrator of children'book "la fée des mots"editions.

-Intervention in school.

-organizes Life-drawing.